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Mark's World of Airline Ticket Jackets and Memorabilia

Why do I collect airline ticket jackets? For me the collection started as a sideline of trying to collect everything pertaining to airlines. I briefly considered collecting safety cards and timetables but instead zeroed in on what I considered were the over-looked and underappreciated airline ticket jackets. I consider these ticket jackets as art - airline art - little icons of the sky. What started out as a mere eccentric casual hobby, has slowly developed over recent months into a full blown obsession, much to the dismay of my somewhat patient and understanding wife.

I now consider it my calling to preserve this perhaps small bit of airline history before they are lost forever to future generations. That may be a little over the top, but you get the idea.

When I read that Delta and other airlines had stopped issuing the ticket jacket as a cost saving measure I knew that I had found my airline collecting specialty.

This site, Your Site is intended as a reference and research site for the serious collector as well as a source of information and entertainment for the casual observer. I have only found a couple of sites that cover the ticket jacket. Hopefully this site will complement those that are already on the web.

Please enjoy the site and email me should you have ticket jackets to offer as contributions to this collection or for trade.

Information on ticket jackets is always appreciated and encouraged.

Suggestions to make the site more user friendly and enjoyable is also appreciated.

Note:  Many of the ticket jackets that I have acquired have tickets, bag tags and sometimes timetables.  These additional items will be posted along with the ticket jackets as they become available and as time permits.  Some smaller airlines do not have ticket jackets.  In these instances a timetable or brochure will be featured.  The index for the carrier will reflect timetable or brochure when a ticket jacket is not available (either never issued or not currently available to the webmaster).  Ticket Jackets will always remain the primary focus of the site.

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