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Airline Ticket Jackets Blog

A blog about airline ticket jackets

History of Alaska Aviation

Site dedicated to the history of airlines that serviced Alaska and their people.

History of the Vietnam Air War

Flying and Flying related units that participated in the South East Asia conflict are covered.

National Association of Timetable Collectors

Kelly's Air Sickness Bags

The World's Largest on-line collection of air sickness bag.  Bags from trains, ships and busses are also represented.

Other Air Sickness Bag Sites:

A.I.P.H.K.S. Walter Brinker, Germany

Air Sickness Bags Ed Sluimer, Netherlands

Air Sickness Bag Virtual Museum Steve Silberberg, USA

Anan's Airsickness bags Collection Website Toshiaki Anan, Japan

Baghecht Gerhard Lang and Thorsten Hecht, Germany

Bagophily Paul Mundy, Germany Marc de Kort, Belgium

Barf Bag Collection Frederico Mandrile, Italy

David Shompers Barf Bags David Shomper, USA

Fmd's Air and Sea Sickness Bags Fulvio Dossena, Italy

Freds Airsickness Bags Frederic Courtay, Belgium

Homer's Airsickness Bags Homer Goetz, Denmark

Norem Juergen Klein, Germany

Petr Mandas Airsicknessbags Collection Petr Manda, Czech Republic

Rune's Barf Bag Collection Rune Tapper, Sweden

Sacs a Bord Gilles Beger, France

Spuckbeutel Rainer Schwartz, Germany

Spucktuten-Airsickness Bags Wolfgang Franken, Germany

Strange Hobby Eero Kouvalainen, Finland 

The Vomitorium -  Bob Baggins, United Kingdom

Xusheng's Barf Bag Collection Xusheng Chen, China

Yaho de Ville Janusz Tichoniuk, Poland

Yinhao's Collection of Barf Bags Yinghao Chen, Singapore

Air sickness site list courtesy of Mr. Bruce Kelly



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